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I am Joshua Carodine, a graphic designer out of Memphis, Tennesse, a city known for its rich music and arts culture. I created this site and identity to showcase my experience in a variety of areas. Although I enjoy and am inspired by a variety of art styles, I have a special place in my heart for the clean and subtle art of minimalism.

The Maker

The Mark

Movement103 as an identity that encapsulates my desires as a graphic designer in the industry. As a Memphis native, it is only natural that I reference my innate love for music and art.


A Movement in music is a self-contained part of a composition, with its own rhythmic structure and themes that may stand by itself as a complete composition. The general definition is defined as an act or process changing place or position and working toward an objective. This also relates to artistic minimalism, characterized by sparing or stripping down elements to their essentials.


My name and hometown are reflected in the mark as well. The initials, JC, are the tenth and third letter of the alphabet respectively. The color in the logo is locally known as "Memphis Blues Blue"


Bringing it all together, the mark represents my individuality, passion and drive to problem solving. I enjoy engaging with clients to efficiently and gracefully tell their stories.  

The Mission

As always, the goal is to use passion and efficiency in creating work that exceeds the client’s expectations. My skills include print, logos, identity, packaging, campaigns, print, photography, and illustration. I am essentially a “house of brilliant ideas”.

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